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Your Help Changes Lives – Here's How

Notable Facts
  • $340,000+ Total Dollars Awarded

  • 77 Athletes Assisted

  • 13 Became Olympians

  • 100% of Your Donation Goes Toward Athlete Grants

  • 32 Years Serving & Supporting Amateur Athletes

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About the Greater Rochester Amateur Athletic Federation 501(c)3
Who We Are & What We Believe:

Since 1983 the Greater Rochester Amateur Athletic Federation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has given almost $340,000 to help athletes reach their greatest potential. We believe everyone who is willing to devote their lives to become a national hero deserves a chance to compete at the highest levels.

Chasing an Olympic dream costs a great deal of time, but also a great deal of money. Coaches, travel, lodging, equipment, trainers, and other expenses add up fast and in the United States hopeful athletes have to pay for their own expenses until they qualify for the Olympic team which can be $20k per year for 4-5 years.

If you are inspired by our vision we encourage you to take action today. Donate and/or sign up to join our list of volunteers. Together we can support the childhood hero of the future.

Board Members

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Bob Silver
Honorary Chairman
team image
Mike Ingham
team image
Iris Zimmermann
Vice Chairperson
team image
Faye Casey
team image
John Kroetz
team image
Colin Dentino
Carla Melville

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